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Bandit 75 WSP - 4x4x1.6oz - 4/bx

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Active Ingredient is: Imidacloprid 75%

Bandit 75 WSP - 4x4x1.6oz - 4/bx

This product gives outstanding residual control of numerous ornamental pests – it interferes with nerve impulses and disrupts insect behavior. Pests stop feeding, stop reproducing and eventually die.Season long control with Bandit, a Systemic Insecticide for the treatment of plant sucking pests such as: Aphids, Whiteflies, and Soft Scale

Each 4x4 1.6oz envelopes sold separately /  4 packets of 4 - 1.6oz envelopes per box

Item Number: 100060
Manufacturer: Bayer
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