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Cidetrak IMM - 36pk

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Active Ingredient: (9Z,12E)-9,12-tetradecadien-1-yl acetate  3.2 %

Cidetrak IMM - 36pk

A New Spin in Integrated Pest Management for Stored Products. New CIDETRAK® IMM Dispenser Technology provides a 3-way effect on mating that dramatically reduces larvae and damage to stored goods. CIDETRAK® IMM works with a reduced insecticide program, depending on insect abundance, to provide a continuous preventative strategy. Over time, our dispenser is often more effective than insecticides and is completely non-toxic (EPA CFR 40 Approved).

Features:                                                  Benefits:

* Prevents mating                                     * Reduces of eliminates reproduction

* 3-way effect on mating                            * False trail following, trail masking
                                                                    and antennal overload

* More effective than                                  * Cost effective insect management
   insecticides over time

* Broad spectrum for many moths              * One easy application, economical

* Continuous preventative strategy             * 24-7 results

* Works in multiple environments          * Flexible and effective for sensitive users

Each Kit of 36 dispensers sold separately

Item Number: TRE180101
Manufacturer: Trece Incorporated
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