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Ryan Neff is MGK’s west coast Technical Field Specialist.  He earned his master’s in entomology from Texas A&M and his PhD from UC Riverside.  He spent 5 years in the field with a large regional pest management company before joining MGK in 2019.  Dr. Neff provides technical support and field research for the western region.

This program is geared toward familiarizing PMPs with all available tools used to control various pest ants. Dr. Neff will educate attendees on key life history characteristics of common ants and how these can be used to effectively identify ants in the field. They will also be introduced to the common ants found in urban environments, learn about their unique behaviors, and how these behaviors can be exploited to achieve control in an environmentally sound manner. The following aspects of ant control will be discussed:

  • Using repellents vs non-repellents- What products are repellent? Non-repellent? What does the application of these products do to certain ants in the field?
  • Proper application to maximize treatment efficacy- When to use what products and at what rate. How to incorporate baiting into liquid spray protocols
  • Proper application of baits indoors- Exterior vs. interior applications.  What baits work with certain ants
  • When to use dusts- Types of dusts.  How and where to apply.  Safety considerations
  • Differences between granular and gel baits for ants- Which ants go for granules and which go for gel baits
  • How to integrate a liquid program with a baiting program to maximize results
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