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Foam Fresh - 18oz Can

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Foam Fresh® Bio-Sanitation Foam comes in an 18 oz. can with two actuators – a full cone spray actuator and a drain actuator – plus a 17" detachable semi-rigid hose for reaching past the p-trap and foaming deep into pipes. Foam Fresh also features an up-down valve, often thought of as a “360º  valve”, which allows foaming at any angle. Seven strains of microbes in Foam Fresh consume organic matter, eliminating sources of organic odors such as food debris, urine, feces, vomit, smoke and dead animals. It’s perfect for use in commercial kitchens, restaurants and residential settings.

At a Glance

Foam Fresh is the fastest acting, most powerful bio-sanitation foam in the industry. Foam Fresh is used to break down organic matter in drains and in areas where organic buildup occurs – areas like cracks and crevices, around the base of equipment legs and in garbage receptacles. Foam Fresh leaves a fresh, pleasant scent while the microbes continue to work. Foam Fresh is applied as part of an ongoing maintenance program and can also be used for intense odor-causing situations. Foam Fresh doesn’t “cover up” odors; it uses microbes to attack the source of the smell, breaking down the organic matter and eliminating the odor for good.

Use Foam Fresh to break down organic residue and biofilm in commercial kitchens, garbage receptacles, floor drains and sink drains. Restaurants and bars can spray Foam Fresh in areas to eliminate odors from urine, vomit and feces. Foam Fresh can be used in bathrooms, floor drains, drain surfaces, wall voids, walls, floors, carpets, urinals, toilets, bar mats, food preparation areas, refuse containers, garbage cans and dumpsters, as well as many other areas.

Foam Fresh: Triple Action

  1. Fast acting microbes consume Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG).
  2. Immediately encapsulates odor molecules, reducing offensive odors.
  3. Leaves behind a bold, fresh scent while microbes continue to work. Seven strains of microbes begin consuming the organic matter. The microbes will double in population every 20 minutes until their food source is consumed.

A Closer Look

Apply a liberal coating of Foam Fresh where grease and organic debris are present and allow foam to dissipate, creating a moist surface for optimal conditions. Do not wipe up or clean foam.

  • For drains, pour 2-3 gallons of warm water into drain to moisten surface before treatment. It is best to apply this product at the end of the day so it can work overnight. Continue as needed.
  • Spray walls and fixtures with a liberal coat to reduce buildup and prevent lingering odors.
  • Spray directly onto urinals and the areas around urinals.
  • Apply to organic debris under heavy equipment.
  • Foam into wall voids, where organic materials accumulate.
  • Spray onto all sides of garbage cans and dumpsters to the point of surface wetness as often as possible to control odors and remove organic matter.
  • For best results in food preparation areas, apply product at end of day for overnight action.
  • For floors and carpets, spray Foam Fresh liberally on all surfaces where odors might originate.

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Item Number: NIS100641
Manufacturer: Nisus
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