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K1 Krawler

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Price: $299.00

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Waist Size:
: Built to last. Place the KRAWLER just below your waist and discover how much easier it is to move through a building's crawl space. The KRAWLER tracks you as you move so turning is effortless.
: If you fit below the duct or beam when crawling, you’ll fit when krawling. Simply position the KRAWLER lower on your legs to get under those extra tight spaces.

: Large pipes, debris and rough terrain are easily krawled over and won't slow you down.
: Movement is so much easier with the KRAWLER, going around a large duct, rather than over the top and risking damage or injury, is a welcome change.
Product Features:
Now Available in Two Sizes: Large size if your pants waist size is a 34 or larger. Medium if your pant size is 34 or smaller
Deck: Aluminum with integral wheel guards and pads for comfort
Wheels: Air-filled rubber tires, split rims and sealed bearings
Clearance: 2 inches
Weight: 11 pounds
Manufacturer: KrawlGear
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