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Kidde AC/DC Wire-In Smoke & Co2 Alarm with 10 year Sealed Battery #i12010SCO

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Kidde AC/DC Wire-In Smoke & Co2 Alarm

Worry-Free AC Hardwired Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Sealed Lithium Battery Backup I12010SCO

The Kidde i12010SCO is a hardwired combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that contains a 10-year, sealed battery backup. This alarm uses breakthrough technology to offer a fast response to real fires, including smoldering and fast-flaming, as well as protect you from carbon monoxide and dramatically reduce the chance of nuisance alarms. The Intelligent sensor technology combines the detection capabilities of an ionization smoke sensor – which is more likely to detect smaller, less visible fire particles, like those produced by flaming fires – with that of an electrochemical sensor, which is used to detect CO. Since carbon monoxide is present in all fires, having both detection chambers work together in one alarm is a breakthrough in the fire safety industry. When either sensor notices a potential hazard, it will communicate with the other. Depending on what is detected, the alarm will adjust its smoke sensitivity in order to better discriminate between a real hazard and a false one. This constant communication enhances the alarm’s overall performance in all fires, and significantly reduces the potential for a nuisance alarm.

Each Kidde AC/DC Smoke & Co2 Alarms sold separately

Item Number: KID440017
Manufacturer: Kidde United Technologies
Manufacturer Part No: 21010408
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