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Natural Catch Fruit Fly Trap

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Natural Catch Fruit Fly Trap

The Natural Catch controls fruit flies with an innovative trap which is safe, non-toxic and easy-to-use. The convenient container is safe for use anywhere fruit flies are a problem: kitchens, counter tops, display cases, dining areas and much more! Natural Catch comes complete and ready to use.

Natural Catch is made of FDA approved food grade material and is effective for 30 days.

  1. Write the date you activate Natural Catch on the bottom of the trap. Natural Catch is effective for 30 days or longer
  2. Gently pierce the openings of the Natural Catch with the stick provided. The stick opens the trap just the right amount for maximum effectiveness.
  3. Place the Natural Catch wherever fruit flies are a problem.
  4. Occasionally inspect the trap entrance and keep it free of debris. The trap is safe to use around food and the attractant is non-toxic and pesticide-free.
Manufacturer: Bio-Logic, Inc.
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