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Optigard Flex - 8oz

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Active Ingredient: Thiamethoxam 21.6%

Optigard Flex - 8oz

Breaking the boundaries of common pest control

Optigard Flex is a non-repellent, liquid insecticide that is active against insects by both contact and ingestion and can be used both indoors and out.
Non-repellent chemistry with low use rates and flexible application methods to control pests both indoors and out.

Key Features

  •  Non-repellent, versatile formulation goes where it’s needed – inside or outside, including food handling areas*, as a liquid or foam

  • Systemic activity by the active ingredient thiamethoxam in plants helps control honeydew-producing insects found in landscape environments that serve as a food source for ant.

  • Advanced non-repellent chemistry with low use rates that transfers throughout social insect colonies

Key Benefits

  • Enables pest management professionals to make more targeted applications, using less active ingredient minimizing the amount of chemical used and saving PMP’s more complete control  with fewer callbacks.

  • Thiamethoxam offers both contact and ingestion activity against a wide range of important pests such as ants, cockroaches and drywood termites, 

  • Effective as a zone treatment, general surface spray, and crack and crevice application, providing flexibility for technicians and reducing the number of products needed to complete a treatment

    Each 8oz  Bottle Sold Separately / 8  x 8oz bottles per case

Item Number: 100120
Manufacturer: Syngenta
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